That's impressive: Six low-loading trucks are carrying 11.95 m long TT panels to the construction site of the InnovationSPIN. They are used as floor elements for the ground floor. TT slabs are made of reinforced concrete and are an ideal structural element for large slab areas. Their advantage is that they can be installed without additional supports. They are installed by crane, placed on the existing in-situ concrete elements and then filled with in-situ concrete. In-situ concrete is a concrete that hardens in the place where it is installed.

In the future, the first floor under the ceiling will house part of the new digital workshop of the Paderborn-Lippe District Association of Skilled Crafts (FORM.BAR). It provides training on technological changes in the skilled trades and industry. The aim is to impart knowledge with close reference to practice. "So that the workshop of the district craftsmen's association is not restricted by an additional support, we decided on this design for the ceilings. This keeps the space for the digital workshop changeable for all the practical needs," explains the project manager during the construction of the InnovationSPIN. This is possible because the ceiling at this point does not have to bear any loads from the rising floors. Above it will be the terrace. In total, the team is installing six of these large slabs in this area.