Die Ausleger des InnovationSPIN jetzt deutlich

The "mill" begins to take shape

First site inspections inspire visitors. The shell construction of the InnovationSPIN is almost finished. The "wing-like" cantilevers, which also give the building its name (they are like spinning mill blades), become apparent. For example, a corbel towers over Bunsenstrasse, which will accomodate the TH OWL's Innovation Laboratory for Health and Production Technology, among other things. In the Innovation Lab for Health...

Das erste Obergeschoss entsteht

First upper floor takes shape

In total, the InnovationSPIN at the Innovation Campus in Lemgo consists of six floors - from the basement to the top floor. After a construction period of more than half a year, the first upper floor is currently being built. Now that the shells of the basement and first floor with the spacious atrium have been completed, work has begun on the third level. This is where offices, meeting rooms and co-working spaces are housed...

12 m of steel as ceiling in InnovationSPIN

That's impressive: Six low-loading trucks are carrying 11.95 m long TT panels to the construction site of the InnovationSPIN. They are used as floor elements for the ground floor. TT slabs are made of reinforced concrete and are an ideal structural element for large slab areas. Their advantage is that they can be installed without additional supports. They are installed by crane...

Insights from future

The basement is finished. Now 6-meter-high walls are being added for the large interior area of ​​the InnovationSPIN, an A-Project of Regionale 2022. The enormous height of the interior walls will allow for a spacious atrium as a meeting and communication center for knowledge, exchange and impulses. The atrium is the central area of ​​the building and the space in which the InnovationSPIN project goals...

Sommer Mallorca

InnovationSPIN takes off

The construction sign is up, the excavation work is in progress and the carcass work will start shortly: On the Innovation Campus Lemgo, a think tank for new small and medium-sized businesses is now being created in the form of InnovationSPIN, a joint project of the city of Lemgo and the district of Lippe, the Paderborn-Lippe District Craftsmen's Association and the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts. InnovationSPIN is one of the REGIONALE22 projects within the UrbanLand OWL structural development program


UrbanLand Event with live stream to InnovationSPIN

The REGIONALE 2022 is successful and moves East Westphalia-Lippe positively and sustainably! This message was the focus of the UrbanLand Event on August 28, 2020 in the Schüco Arena Bielefeld. Around 50 guests followed the program with prominent discussion partners such as State Secretary Dr. Jan Heinisch, NRW Ministry for Homeland, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality, District Council President Judith Pirscher and Professor Dr. ...


State, federal government and EU support the InnovationSPIN project in Lemgo with more than 27 million euros

In the Ideas Workshop InnovationSPIN, trainees, scientists, craftsmen and citizens work together to further develop vocational and academic training in the East Westphalia-Lippe region. The Ministry of Economics and Labor, the federal government and the EU are providing more than 27 million euros in funding for the construction of the new think tank at the Innovation Campus Lemgo.


The first REGIONALE 2022 project in Lippe: The InnovationSPIN receives A-status

Good news from the meeting of the UrbanLand Board of the REGIONALE 2022 - the InnovationSPIN in Lemgo has reached A-status and is now an official project of the REGIONALE 2022. This is an important step for the project partners. The district of Lippe with Lippe Bildung eG, the Technical University of East Westphalia-Lippe and the Paderborn-Lippe district craftsmen's association want the new building to...