September2021: Der Rohbau ist fast fertig.

The InnovationSPIN has a total of six floors and the shell is almost complete. Inside, the finishing work is also slowly taking shape. For example, the sprinkler system, ceiling insulation and ventilation pipes have for the most part already been laid and are awaiting commissioning.

The interior design is characterized by the needs of researchers, trainees and the new approaches of a daily cooperation of the three sponsors: the District of Lippe Association of Skilled Crafts, the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the District of Lippe with its educational institutions. The Innovation-SPIN represents:

  • The location for the synthesis of education, research and business and especially and uniquely with the crafts. It is an open place with access to knowledge and technologies for the entire society.
  • An innovation model that breaks down barriers between actors and reshapes transfer and innovation beyond urban spaces. This further strengthens the decentralized innovation system in UrbanLand OWL. The presence of skilled trades and vocational schools will succeed in integrating skilled trades companies and SMEs more strongly into the innovation process.
  • A space for start-ups and entrepreneurship beyond the individual institutions, which helps develop the new SME sector in UrbanLand OWL.
  • With its high architectural and urban planning quality, the prominence of the location, and thus increases the attractiveness of the entire region for ambitious professionals from other areas of Germany and also internationally.