On Friday, September 17, around 100 guests celebrated the half time of the InnovationSPIN. Political celebrities, building owners, sponsors, users and guests from the participating construction companies in the region came to find out more about the InnovationSPIN.

The halfway point has been successfully reached: The construction project is on schedule despite cancellations due to winter cold and Corona. Costs also remain on target so far despite rising prices for building materials. The future innovation labs in the building are going into detailed preparation for launch in a year.

Michael Lutter, chief executive of the Paderborn-Lippe District Association of Skilled Crafts, sums it up. "All of this is only succeeding thanks to the joint efforts of everyone involved - from politicians and developers, to sponsors, construction companies and craftsmen." What he is particularly pleased about is that a good 90 percent of the trades have already been awarded and more than half of these remain in the region - despite Europe-wide tenders. 

The obligatory foundation stone was also designed by a sculptor from the region: Hans-Bernhard Vielstädte. The unveiling of this foundation stone, which in the future will be embedded and visible centrally in the floor of the atrium, formed a highlight of the celebration. Instead of the "normal" inscription by the names of the builders with the year, Hans-Bernhard Vielstädte focused on the contents of the supporters. In a U-shape, made of stainless steel letters, the granite stone reads "Education, Science, Craft" and the year 2022 is shown in binary with ones and zeros as a sign of the digital challenge. These are made of glass and will be illuminated from below in the future. Markus Rempe, Head of Education, Demography and Future Issues at the Lippe District, who moderated the event, commented: "This gives us a stone of positive impetus where people can come together and can jointly think things through."

But the building was not the only focus of the event. District Chief Executive Dr. Axel Lehmann is already looking forward to the launch in a year's time: "The InnovationSPIN will strengthen the innovative power and the economy in the district of Lippe and beyond. It will open up new opportunities for the region and the people of Lippe. In the pandemic, we experienced the great importance of personal encounters as the basis for innovation and cooperation. This building is a visible sign of the distinctive and powerful culture of cooperation that we have built up over the years."

In the panel discussion with Ms. Annette Nothnagel, REGIONALE 2022, Prof. Dr. Stefan Witte, TH OWL, representing the developers, Martin Schwörer from the project management and Jens Kronsbein, Detmold district government, it was confirmed that the InnovationSPIN radiates far beyond the Lippe region. The special combination of skilled trades, university and (vocational) training is attracting nationwide interest and is being met with lively interest from politicians, universities, schools and other institutions. This is also finding favor with the government of the federal state. In a video message to all guests, the Minister of Economics and Digitization, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, explained: "With InnovationSPIN in Lemgo, we are promoting a forward-looking model project with which we are accelerating the transfer of technology and knowledge and driving the digital transformation in East Westphalia-Lippe. The project contributes to growth and securing skilled workers in industry and the skilled trades and strengthens the competitiveness of local companies. At the same time, we are creating a fertile environment for startups and providing space for new ideas and networking."