Die Ausleger des InnovationSPIN jetzt deutlich

First site inspections inspire visitors.The shell construction of the InnovationSPIN is almost finished. The "wing-like" cantilevers, which also give the building its name (they are like spinning mill blades), become apparent. For example, a corbel towers over Bunsenstrasse, which will accomodate the TH OWL's Innovation Laboratory for Health and Production Technology, among other things.

In the Innovation Lab for Health and Production Technology, scientists and students work on research questions that arise at the interfaces of medical technology, digitization and new application contexts. For this purpose, the lab offers an experimental environment in which users have access to portable ultrasound devices, VR glasses, a hygiene printer and a hyperspectral camera, to name just a few. "Central to this is that the ideas of the users of this innovation lab are further developed into tangible technology samples on site," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Stefan Witte, member of the executive board at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lemgo. Methodologically, this objective is supported by innovation techniques and methods, such as rapid prototyping, the fast production of samples or components. This is how the transfer from theory to practice works at high speed.

Open space design fascinates visitors

Here, too, cooperation with other partners is at the top of the agenda. The structural conditions also make it easier for this to succeed. In June, employees of the TH OWL were allowed to take a look inside the building for the first time. The new building will be the new workplace for some TH OWL employees, e.g. for the Institute for Science Dialogue. "We were very excited to see our future workplace and are thrilled by this impressive building," says Miriam Hanke, Management Assistant for Continuing Education and user representative of the TH OWL in the InnovationSPIN working group. "We have already been standing in the places where our offices are going to be later and could already feel the special atmosphere of this open, light-flooded building. We are already looking forward to the exciting time together with the other partners in the building," reports Miriam Hanke.