The basement is finished. Now 6-meter-high walls are being added for the large interior area of ​​the InnovationSPIN, an A-Project of Regionale 2022. The enormous height of the interior walls will allow for a spacious atrium as a meeting and communication center for knowledge, exchange and impulses. The atrium is the central area of ​​the building and the space in which the InnovationSPIN project goals find their architectural expression. In the words of Prof. Stefan Witte of the TH OWL: "It acts like a shop window into the future, designed to be open in all directions. We use the atrium collectively as a center for overarching communication, consultation and information." The three developers and operators of InnovationSPIN are, in addition to the TH OWL, the Paderborn-Lippe District Association of Skilled Crafts and Trades and the District of Lippe.

The atrium also serves as a central meeting point: Here, users can find all information relevant to them about the Innovation Campus Lemgo and the InnovationSPIN with its special philosophy and architecture in a target group-specific manner. The uniqueness of the collaborations and their future- oriented topics can be displayed here as well as the stakeholders themselves and their innovative offerings along the education chain from science, crafts and training. In addition, users can also obtain individual information and advice cross-institutionally. The area and space of the atrium are awaiting with special seating groups, telephone boxes and flexible seating to offer both relaxation and opportunities for cooperation. Interactive pillars show examples of the work of science, education and crafts. The topics of health, innovation and media will play a special role. At the same time, there will also be the option of using the atrium as an event space.